Training Packages

With each training package you choose the training service that best fits your lifestyle and budget.  We can do it for you, or teach you how.

Puppy Head Start package (Puppies between the ages of 7 to 16 weeks)

Puppy packages combine everything needed to help you and your new family member acclimate to your lifestyle.  To establish good and lasting habits for that puppy you’ve always wanted.  Weather we do it for you, or teach you how, we will help you solve and establish good behaviors.

(Starting rate is $425 minus discount)

Behaviors covered:

  • Eliminating outside in designated areas 
  • Inappropriate chewing on furniture and woodwork as well as stealing forbidden objects
  • Biting and the practice of soft mouth biting
  • Develop strong social skills with people and dogs
  • Leash etiquette
  • Manners and how to appropriately greet people 
  • Anything in between


Rambunctious Teenager package (All dogs between the ages 4 to 18 months)

If you notice a switch in your dog’s behavior at this age, it’s normal.  An adolescent dog can be a bit rowdier, mouthier, jumpier, and just plain obnoxious.  Not to worry, it’s only temporary while his brain is developing.  Adolescent training package includes techniques of training and management to help curb typical unwanted behaviors and to establish behaviors you desire. 

(Starting rate is $340.00 minus discount)

Behaviors covered:

  • Jumping, biting and mouthing
  • Establish new appropriate alternative behaviors
  • Management techniques
  • Go to a spot
  • Come when called
  • Sitting, lying down, and stay on cue
  • Follow on leash
  • Impulse control


All grown up package (All dogs between the ages of 18 months and 12 years)

You may have noticed your dog’s lack of attentiveness as she reaches adulthood.  It can be frustrating when your dog finds sniffing the grass, playing with other dogs and chasing squirrels more exciting than listening to your instructions.   As dogs mature they develop many doggie interests that may compete with dog training.  We will show you how to compete with these distractions and win. 

(Starting rate is $340.00 minus discount)

Behaviors covered: (dog performs behaviors in all circumstances)

  • Walk nicely on a lose leash
  • Respond to name on cue
  • Sitting, lying down and stay on cue
  • Come when called
  • Go to a spot
  • Establish new appropriate alternative behaviors


Behavior modification package

For those dogs that need a little extra help in adjusting to the normalcies of everyday life.  Aggression, anxiety, aggression, and various phobias can be resolved with intervention. To get to the bottom of things we will first do an assessment of your dog and the environment to determine the best plan in modifying unwanted behavior.  Training plans involve the application of classical and operative conditioning techniques to change your dog’s behavior for good

(Initial consultation fee is $110.00) (Training cost will be determined during initial consultation.  Discounts also apply for behavior modification cases) 

Behaviors covered:

  • Aggression
  • People aggression
  • Dog to dog aggression
  • Leash aggression
  • Guarding aggression (food, toys, chews, locations, people)


  • Separation anxiety
  • Barking
  • Hyper arousal


  • Thunder storms
  • Fire works
  • Loud noises
  • Objects
  • People

All package prices receive a 10% discount towards the already discounted rate. 

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