Before training my dog used to be nervous about new things. If something fell unexpectedly or made a noise he would start barking. He was afraid to leave the house. He didn’t like going for walks or riding in the car. He is now more relaxed and calmer in the house, not constantly pacing and seemingly on guard. He still startles at something unexpected but gets over it faster. He is more interested in walking but still is a bit unsure about the car but we are working on that. I liked the one on one classes with Rover Rehab because they are tailored to fit your dog and its specific problem.

– Susan Rummelhoff

Our dog (Daphne) was crazy and uncontrollable at times. Daphne would do zoomies and bounce off the walls. Even on the leash she was uncontrollable. Daphne walks great on leash now and even comes when called (most times.) she greets people so much better too. She still tries to jump once in a while but is easily corrected. Plus she doesn’t do zoomies for the most part. It’s so much better! Daphne isn’t the crazy dog she used to be. She listens and is just a more calm dog. We recommend Rover Rehab to everyone! John is such a great dog trainer and so patient with the dogs. He doesn’t just train the dog he trains the people too. We learned so much from him!

– Lynn Lund

My dog Bo, was out of control when someone would come to our house, jumping, running and barking. Bo is much better, not perfect, but better. I still work with the tools John gave me for training Bo and myself. Both Bo and I are much calmer and Bo settles down with in a minute. If you do the work you get results. It’s not just the dog that needs to be trained, it’s the human also. I found through this training with John, that Bo loves to learn new things. It tires Bo out when he uses his brain.

– Linda and Ken Olander

One of our rescue dogs has anxiety, fear of strangers in our home and out in public. We wanted to get Marlie training so that she would not have so much anxiety all the time when put in a situation outside of normal daily routine. We noticed results right away. By the end of her four week training program, she was a better dog and you could tell that she was more relaxed. We still need to continue to work with her to help her progress to her full potential, but she gets more and more comfortable as time goes by. It is nice to see Marlie relaxed in situations where she would have previously been full of so much anxiety. We would highly recommend John with Rover Rehab. The training is worth the money – you get what you pay for. John makes sure that you understand what you need to do to help your dog reach full potential and always asks if you have questions or need anything else from him.

– Shannon and Tom Nandory

I have a rambunctious and beautiful pup and needed help with specific issues after attending basic dog training classes, she needed a little extra help. She is a great dog, but has a stubborn side, I just didn’t want her to fail at being her best self. She is doing so much better with the specific needs I asked for training assistance with. She is calmer and more focused when people enter the house. Every day is a new and more pleasant day now! Grace has a better understanding of my expectations. I don’t have to be fearful of people coming into the house and her jumping on them. I learned so much and so many ways to redirect her energy in days where she doesn’t get the most exercise. We are still working on walking but I now have all of the tools I needs to make sure that is successors well. It’s well worth it. Basic dog training is great, but it’s usually done outside of the home. Having training in the home, in their “comfort zone” just reinforces what’s expected. Some of the smallest ideas can make a world of difference. I learned so much and my baby girl is so much happy since we started this process.

– Lisa Contreras

Brand new puppy, not much experience raising dogs, wanted to start out on a good foot. After talking to 3 trainers, John seemed like a perfect fit for what I was looking for. In the end I sincerely appreciated your ability to explain things to me in a way I could grasp. Everything you were telling me felt so counterintuitive, but you managed to help it sink in. Meatball is really a great dog. His “issues” are so minor I feel guilty even complaining. I learned a ton through the sessions and feel like I had to do a 180 in my perception/approach of dealing with a puppy. I went from seeing him as my “pet dog” into a loving and loyal companion. I retell how positive of an experience each session was, and how incredibly proud I am of how well behaved Meatball is. I let them know it’s a no-brainer to give John a call if even the slightest issues arise with their pups.

– Bill

Wanted to train new puppy right. Tucker learned as much as we did. We learned how to appropriately connect training to desired outcome. Tucker is better and more responsive and we have a positive and understood path to get better. He made it through Mounds on a Sunday and behaved like a perfect dog. It was awesome. Big step for the little guy. Passionate and effective training focused on meeting pups where they are on their path to help families achieve really positive outcomes in a short time. John is tremendous with dogs and made a lasting and positive impact.

– Eric Schutt

Our 2 year old miniature Goldendoodle became aggressive with my significant other (Dad) at bed time. Once doggy daycare reported he had shown aggression towards a staff member, I knew we needed to seek professional help. The main concern would have been Scout showing aggression towards his dad at bed time. He was also demonstrating nuisance behaviors if all attention wasn’t geared towards him at all times (pulling back the carpet, chewing on area rugs, pawing us, barking at us). Scout wouldn’t allow Dad to take him outside if I was home. Lastly, Scout wouldn’t get a drink unless I got out of bed and walked him to his dish at night, if I didn’t he’d continue to bark and paw until I gave in. The results shockingly came after John’s first visit with Scout. Zac and I were amazed after we sat down for dinner the first night, Scout laid down next to Dad in silence. Being the attention wasn’t fully on him, he’d usually paw and bark obnoxiously. That night, Scout laid quietly and confidently waiting for Dad to pay his “Scout tax” with food. We can confidently have guests over without the embarrassment of Scout jumping on them, but instead sitting until calm and staying down when greeted over to the guest. Scout going after the rug to get our attention was a major issue, however he has given that behavior up because it wasn’t serving him any attention. The aggression at bed time diminished steadily as we saw John raise Scout’s self-confidence through training. We also had to regain Scout’s trust throughout training. It was the sweetest, best feeling seeing Scout become a more confident pup because we weren’t telling him “NO” constantly and instead using the techniques John trained us on. Life now is much more calm. Scout is much more confident. It’s a great feeling to feel a connection with your dog. Zac and I are now equipped with the knowledge to handle Scouts’ behaviors which makes the situation more calm. The result is quicker when Scout needs to be redirected because he’s not getting a wishy washy option, John taught us to be confident and stick to the training which leaves Scout without confusion, but options. Scout has learned if he chooses the option not desired, he doesn’t get rewarded with attention. He has overall become a much more responsive. John is an amazing human. He’s patient, so very kind, and calm. You can see the joy in Scout when he sees John. John taught Zac and I how to create trust and confidence in our dog Scout, with that became corrected behaviors. There was a short period of time when I felt defeated and John never hesitated to call, e-mail, or text to make sure we were getting back on track lending his advice. He never made us feel like we were alone, even after Scouts’ 6 weeks of training were up. I will definitely continue to have John work with our Boy Scout and continue to build upon desired behaviors over time. John will always be highly recommended by us and of course, Scout.

– Kassandra Valley