Our Services

We fix what’s bad. You enjoy a good dog.

We get how stressful unruly dogs can make your life. With the right dog or puppy training, you CAN have a pet you can take everywhere and introduce to everyone with confidence.

We’re veterinarian-recommended for tough training cases. Our experts understand dog behavior and can work with you to change serious problems like aggression, biting, severe anxiety or fear. They can also help set up young dogs as lifelong good citizens.

Naughty puppy chewing on shoe

Rover Rehab trainers come to you. All lessons are one-on-one, our trainer, your dog. You’re not in a group with others who may not have the same goals. You decide how much involvement you want.

Our Services

Explain, Demo, Coach Plans

You’re part of each session, built around our Explain it, Demonstrate it, Coach it method. We give you the hands-on support you need to get your dog trained. You’ll learn how dogs learn, so that once the lessons are over, you’ll be able to train your dog to do anything without our help.

Jumpstart Plans

We do all the training for you then show you how to get your dog performing for you as well as he does for us. This is typically a series of one-hour sessions each week with the trainer and dog only, followed by one session per week with you and your trainer to ensure a successful transfer and maintenance of new behavior.

Any dog. Any age. All temperaments.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by your new puppy? Arms and legs feeling like a pincushion?

Got a rescue dog that needs help adjusting to family life? Or family members who need to learn how to properly welcome a new dog to your home?

Have you had it with a nagging behavior problem you’ve tried to fix, but failed because you don’t have time to be consistent or aren’t using the specific techniques that will work for your dog’s personality?

No worries. We know what to do to train puppies and adult dogs so they’re well-mannered members of society. Rover Rehab provides personalized training services including:

  • Puppy training
  • Crate training
  • Basic manners
  • Housebreaking
  • Socialization
  • Eliminating chewing
  • Preventing biting
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Leave it
  • Stopping aggression
  • Reducing shyness
  • Leash walking
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Stopping digging
  • Stopping incessant barking
  • Addressing phobias
  • Stopping resource guarding
  • Getting along with cats
  • Preparing the family for a new dog
  • Plans for you to train your own dog

Step One: Initial Consult

Every Rover Rehab dog training plan begins with an in-home training evaluation. During this $95 initial consultation, the lead trainer meets with you and your dog to observe her behavior and how your family interacts with her. We get to the bottom of what’s happening. We listen to your concerns and determine what your dog needs to learn. 

We then set specific goals and provide a training cost based on how many sessions will be needed to reach them. We tailor the plan based on your needs and her personality. While every dog is different, many problems can be resolved in just a few short weeks.

Don’t let bad behavior sentence your dog to the doghouse—or send you to the nuthouse. Take the first step by contacting us to discuss the right training program for your dog.

Typical Training Costs

Our dog training is customized. We come to you and work around your time constraints. We structure your training program to meet your goals and account for your hound's personality, age, breed, background and setting. You'll know after our first meeting how many sessions are needed to instill the desired behaviors and eliminate the naughty ones.

All training is priced at $95.00 per session. 

Credit cards accepted. Discounts and payment plans are available.

Is Dog Training Worth It?

Yes. Just ask our clients. Over and over we hear them say we helped them finally have the well-behaved family members they always wanted. That they were on the verge of giving up their dog before they worked with us. That it was such a relief to be rid of the stress of having a naughty dog. That they could now be proud to have their pet around friends, family and neighbors.

Rover Rehab of WI lead trainer John Lawrence

Work with Rover Rehab and be confident knowing your beloved dog is being trained by a skilled professional who’s dedicated to fast, lasting results.

And start enjoying the benefits of a well-trained dog.