Meet Shannon Pittman

Shannon with dog
Professional Dog Trainer

Meet Shannon Pittman

Shannon is a professional dog trainer certified through the Certified Council of Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT).

She is fascinated with how animals learn and communicate. How animals communicate with us, how we communicate with animals, and how we humans communicate about animals forms the basis for how Shannon understands and trains dogs.

Shannon has worked with a wide variety of dogs and situations, with puppies being her passion. She loves that puppies are so eager to learn and that they absorb training like little sponges.

Shannon continues to educate herself in behavior science in order to share the most relevant and useful information with her clients. In fact, she loves to empower her clients by teaching them the most practical skills and techniques for their particular situation. This way, she shows the client that they CAN have the dog they always wanted.

Whether you have a new puppy, a rowdy adolescent, or a fearful/shy dog, Shannon is ready to help!

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