How Dog Training Can Work For You

Training will give your dog the best chance of staying with you for years to come

Congratulations, choosing the right trainer is not an easy decision and we thank you for putting your trust in Rover Rehab.

Hiring a professional dog trainer is by far one of the most important things you can do for your dog. Behavior problems in dogs remain the number one reason why dogs are euthanized every year. Training will help give your dog the best chance of staying with you for many years to come and give you the dog you have always hoped for.

When you hire Rover Rehab you can be assured that you have our full dedication, knowledge, skill, and expertise in reaching your training goals. The best training results are always achieved when there is a team effort. Your success will always be our priority, so let us make it a priority together.

The techniques and strategies covered during this process are science based and well vetted, in other words they work. You will discover that most of the training emphasis will be placed on you, that is because your dog is learner, and you are the teacher. After all, we have created a society that dogs must conform to, so it is our job to help guide them.

Mechanical skills, management and situational awareness strategies are some of the things that you will be learning. Patience, dedication, and much practice will be the requirements for success, but no worries, we will be here to guide you every step of the way during and after the training process.

We have helped hundreds of dogs and their owners through our many years of experience develop better relationships and understand that dog training is not always easy. It’s normal to struggle at times or even have doubts if what you are doing is working.

Take comfort in knowing that we have customized this training plan for you for ease of understanding and application. A training plan tailored to fit your lifestyle that is also flexible if adjustments are needed. Our number one priority will always remain, to give you the best chance of success in reaching all your behavior goals.

Practice makes perfect. The more you practice the more skilled you get and the faster your dog learns. You are encouraged to practice daily and depending on what behaviors are to be changed or added will determine how much time needs to be dedicated per day.

In most cases practicing for short 5 to 10-minute training sessions multiple times per day usually nets the best results. Please be patient with yourself and your dog during this process, you are both learning something new.

Do not expect behavior to change overnight, dog training is a gradual process of fits and starts, we’re looking forward to working with you holding your hand every step of the way.