Goin' Virtual!

Rover Rehab is going virtual, making our decades of training expertise available to you anywhere online. Rover Rehab’s online services mean that you can access our services during critical periods in your dog’s development, even when in-person sessions aren’t a possibility. Our online training program gives you direct access to our knowledge and technique and includes private training sessions with you and your dog.


We understand that adjusting a dog’s behavior is an ongoing process- and it’s not something you want to postpone or delay. Our private online sessions will be customized for your dog’s needs. We’ve based our approach on decades of knowledge and experience, helping you find the best options for working with your canine companion. The safety of our customers is always our priority. Using our online platform minimizes contact while delivering a personalized training program you and your dog are going to love.

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Training goals and experience

While the world is changing around us, the quality and results you expect from Rover Rehab remain the same. With our online training sessions, contact with a professional trainer is just a click away on your personal device. Just like our in-person guidance, online you’ll receive a step-by-step approach to adjusting your dog’s behavior, coached along by one of our certified professional trainers.

With Rover Rehab online, you’ll get access to the same training approach and techniques our in-person sessions offer. You’ll be able to watch our methods via video as we demonstrate with our own dogs. Each week of training will include a lesson plan to follow to help you and your pup see eye-to-eye.

Want to know a secret? The quickest path to a well-behaved dog relies on establishing clear communication between you and your animal - and that means that your actions matter as much as what your pets do! Rover Rehab gets you on the same page with your pup. Our new online training helps you unlock your power to connect with your dog - and get results!


The best part of training your dog with Rover Rehab is getting results that last. Online training makes sure your pooch is getting consistent and thorough instruction, and builds the habits you need to make lasting changes in your dog’s behavior.

If your dog’s in-person training sessions have been suspended, or if you are working with a puppy and don’t want to miss a critical window to ingrain good behavior, online coaching means your dog’s training doesn’t have to miss a beat. Sessions with Rover Rehab online are just as effective as in-person instruction and can help ensure a dog’s training won’t regress.

So who’s a good dog? Your dog - with the support of Rover Rehab online!

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Transitioning to online training isn’t just effective, it offers a whole host of benefits. Working online means not only that you have the convenience and familiar surroundings of your own home, you also get to take advantage of our flexible scheduling. Training at home means that your session comes to you, when you want it.

Not only will your training sessions be designed around your needs, they will also be a video resource you can refer back to when you need them. You’ll be able to rewatch and review the methods and steps outlined in each lesson as much as you want to hone your approach with your own dog. All of this is just part of how online training offers you additional support.

Accessing your online training sessions with Rover Rehab is as easy as 1-2-3! Our system doesn’t involve any software installation or computer know-how on your end. When you schedule an online training session with us, you’ll just need to click on the link we email you and you are ready to go - from your computer, laptop or personal device.

Virtual Training Packages

We understand every dog is unique and our training technique draws on over 25 years of experience that can work with any dog regardless of breed, age or issue. When you are ready to get started with Rover Rehab’s online training programs, check out our virtual packages!

Virtual training packages are designed for all your training goals at a reduced rate. Each package will start with an initial consult and goal setting. You will receive:

  • Two live 30-minute coaching sessions per week
  • One 30-minute live video review session per week
  • M-TH daily training tasks lists and feedback
  • Session recordings for you to review at your convenience

All packages include enough weeks to get the job done. Choose from 2 packages for all your basic manners and obedience needs.

  • 3-4-week entry level package. Starting at $825.00 $750
  • 4-6-week entry level and beyond package. Starting at $1100.00 $1000
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Behavior Modification Package

Fears, anxieties, and phobias are all emotional issues and require a more in-depth approach than your basic good manners training. Behavior modification packages are designed to help dogs with these kinds of problems switch from being upset to being happy and are customized to each individual dog. Number of weeks required to get the job done will be determined following initial consult.


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