Walk And Train

If your dog is a Leash Terror, our Walk and Train package is for you

We specialize in leash reactivity, or dogs who lunge, bark, and growl at other dogs while on leash.

Our Walk and Train Program uses fun force-free training to transform your leash terror into a leash rover and get you enjoying daytime walks again.

Our Walk and Train package is available as in-home day training.

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Rover Rehab of Wisconsin's John Lawrence poses with a dog

Let’s Get Started

If you’re ready for us to put the GOOD in good dog, use the link below to access our training intake form.

If you have questions or aren’t quite sure which type of training is best for your four-legged friend, you can schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation.

Walk and Train
A person leads a Corgi along on a leash.

Day Training

When you want the advantage of an expert doing it for you, or don’t have the time to train your dog yourself, our Day Training program is the right solution for the quickest, most efficient way for your dog to learn.

Our certified professional dog trainers come to your home when it’s most convenient for you, even while you’re at work. Our trainer will teach your dog the behavior(s) of your choice.

Typically, Day Training plans involve a series of one-hour sessions per week with the trainer and dog only, followed by one session per week with you and trainer to ensure a successful transfer and maintenance of new behavior(s). 

Training schedule:

3 weeks, with 4 half-hour visits per week.

Package includes:

8 hours total [initial visit, 12 half-hour sessions, 2 follow-up]

Training bag

Training folder

Email and phone support

Add some extra power to your package (optional):

Add one week: Extra day-training time [4 half-hour visits] to go beyond basic training for your new dog or puppy.

Add-on visit: A half-hour consult or training visit for additional questions or coaching.

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