Behavior Modification

Owners of bad dogs: Your worries are over.

Bad dogs: You’re on notice.

Getting to the bottom of any behavior problem starts with a consultation. Get answers as to why your dog is doing what you don’t want, and what needs to be done to fix it? Receive all the information needed to make an informed decision in moving forward and getting the dog you’ve always wanted.

Behavioral consultations take place in the comfort of your home and take anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes to complete. We will do an assessment of your dog and the environment through observation and information we gather from you and your family. Together we will design a training plan and discuss training options to implement that plan.

  • Cost is $110.00

In addition, you will be given tips for temporary relief and, or management strategies to keep everyone safe until training can begin.

Behavior consultations are completed by a certified professional dog trainer who will give you an accurate diagnosis and prognosis as to your dog’s problem behavior. Whichever training option is chosen rest assured you will receive the necessary guidance to reach your goals.

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Behavior Modification Plans

Behavior modification is for those dogs who need extra help in adjusting to the normalcies of everyday life.

Aggression, anxiety, and various phobias can be resolved using scientifically proven techniques that get right to the heart of the problem. Getting to the bottom of most behavior problems requires that we first do an assessment of your dog and her environment to determine the best plan in modifying unwanted behavior.

Behavior modification plans implement scientifically proven applications of classical and operant conditioning techniques to change your dog’s behavior for good.

(Training cost will be determined during behavior consultation). Discounts also apply for behavior modification cases)

Following your dog’s initial behavior assessment, you will be ready to make an informed decision as to what the best training option is for you and your life style. We will get to work right away fixing your dog’s problem weather we teach you or do it for you. We cover behavior issues of:

  • Aggression toward people, dogs, on/or off leash
  • Aggression on leash
  • Aggression of guarding (food, toys, chews, locations, people)
  • Separation anxiety
  • Barking
  • Hyper arousal
  • Phobia to thunderstorms, fireworks, loud noises, objects, and/or people

Through referrals, training, and discussion, John helped me understand that Bear was a fearful type dog, NOT an aggressive or necessarily mean or even protective dog. He was protecting himself from humans he did not know...recently I moved from a 15-acre farm to a city neighborhood. Thanks to John Lawrence, Bear has been able to adjust and adapt to a privacy fenced in back yard and leash walks. John has people skills as well as outstanding training ability. His timing, honesty and sincere desire to help people with their dogs show in everything he does, from obedience classes, individual training sessions, and dog day care management. I would highly recommend him to any dog owner, especially those who think they have tried everything but nothing works. John is a true professional who can and will help.

  • Jill Gant, Owner of Bear

Rover Rehab doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to dog training. They take the time to listen and observe before providing solutions to the issues. John’s knowledge, experience and genuine caring have helped tremendously.

  • Katie Dobberpuhl, Owner of Boz


John at Rover Rehab was fantastic. I did a lot of research before I found Rover Rehab and I am glad we went with them for Emmett's training. Before working with Rover Rehab, we didn't want to even have people over at our house because Emmett was so naughty when visitors came over. The biggest issues we had were when we had guests over, which worked out perfectly because John came right to our house for the training. John was so knowledgeable and specialized the training sessions to what Emmett needed to work on the most. I was amazed at how well Emmett started listening during his training sessions and Josh and I even learned how to do the training ourselves along the way. John even trained Emmett to let us clip his nails, which was huge for us because you couldn't even get within 10ft. from him with the clippers before! We are now able to have guests over without worrying about how Emmett is going to behave. It is a night and day difference in behavior for us and I would suggest John at Rover Rehab to anyone!

  • Samantha and Josh Scalissi with Emmett

Rover Rehab Dog Training has been awesome for us and our dog. Dogs love him and relate to him very well. John’s methods of training are superb. He has a fine sense of understanding dogs. John trained us with our dog when our dog was a puppy advancing to obedience as he got older. We absolutely recommend John and Rover Rehab for training. It is the best training you and your dog can get anywhere.

  • Bonnie and Jim, very satisfied clients with happy dog, Owner of Obi


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