Aggressive dog

Putting an end to the top 5 bad dog behaviors

Dog training isn’t easy. Neither is putting up with annoying pet habits.

Try not to feel bad if your canine has some — or a lot of — unresolved issues. There’s always something that can be done to improve the behaviors. The first step is to get a basic understanding of why they’re doing what they’re doing. Here are five of the most common bad behaviors I help clients with, and why dogs most often act in these ways.

  1. Barking. Your dog could be scared, frustrated or aroused, or some combination of these.
  2. Jumping up. This usually gets a response from you.  To your dog, that means success.
  3. Not listening. Dogs listen when you make it worth their while. When you don’t, they won’t.
  4. Poor leash manners. Fido will follow politely when he knows that gets him where he wants to go.
  5. Aggression. Most aggression is a response to fear.

Just like in every field, dog training is always evolving to reflect new research and techniques. There’s a lot to know. Unfortunately, there’s also an abundance of false and misguided information out there that can really take a pet backward rather than forward.

The second step after understanding the behavior is training it out. Just hoping things will get better won’t fix anything, and the longer bad manners are left unchecked, the harder they are to correct. So get help and everyone will be happier — you, your pet, your family, your neighbors and anyone else who comes in contact with Fifi.

Learn more about these Frightful Five and find out what the best practice training methods are for ending them at my February free seminar. There will be time for Q&A on your specific problems. Sign up here.

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