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How to get your dog to come when called

Why dogs choose not to come when called?

Nothing is more aggravating than having your dog ignore you when you are calling him to you.  Does he ever come partway just out of reach in hopes that you will chase him?  This unwillingness to
respond always happens at the most inconvenient times like when you are running late or when he
bolted out the front door.  If this happens to be your dog you are not alone, there are plenty of owners with this same problem.  You may have unintentionally conditioned your dog to not come to you by confining him in the house or hooking him to a leash after calling him.  His freedom is gone.

The problem:
The obvious problems have to do with safety and the fact that it is just plain aggravating to have a dog that ignores you.  You want peace of mind knowing you have control over your dog when you need it most.  You want everyone to be safe at all times.

The Solution:
Being the most charming person in the world won’t make your dog come to you.  Either will the
forceful “because I said so” approach.  The dog always has the choice to respond.  Training will help tip the odds in your favor.  Once the dog can make the prediction of what is going to happen every time he comes to you will determine how likely the behavior will happen in the future.  To begin training the desired behavior, the dog will have to gain something valuable each time he is called.  When doing this, make sure you do it often and make sure to be generous and make it easy for your dog to succeed.

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