Meet the Owner — John Lawrence — Certified Dog Trainer

A passion for helping your dog learn

John Lawrence is both owner and dog trainer at Rover Rehab. He has been improving the lives of dogs and their families since 2000 when he began his dog training career in California. He then brought his training skills to Wisconsin where he worked in both doggie daycare and training. Today he focuses his time entirely on dog training and consulting.

John is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT) through the Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers (CCPDT). He is a professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and Force Free Trainers of Wisconsin (FFTW). Both organizations are dedicated to the continuing education and professionalism of their members. He believes that learning is a lifelong endeavor — for dogs and humans alike. He spends a great deal of time reading and attending seminars to learn about new discoveries in animal behavior science, so he can use them in his own dog and puppy training in the field.

Literally hundreds of dogs throughout southern Wisconsin have benefited from John’s individualized and caring approach to dog training. Thanks to John, his clients enjoy peace of mind, relief from guilt or a problem with their dogs, and greater satisfaction with the dogs in their lives.

John provides monthly seminars on various behavior issues, as well as writing the Wuffington Post, a quarterly newsletter for Rover Rehab. By hiring John, you can be assured of getting a professional dog trainer dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. John feels especially fortunate that his profession has allowed him to help hundreds of dogs and their families.

Clients often comment about John’s informative dog and puppy training tips.

John knows from his many years of honing his skills as a practitioner that dog training is never easy. With all the misinformation and contradiction regarding dog behavior, the average dog owner can become frustrated and confused and often doesn’t know where to turn. John feels that if his clients can understand a few simple training concepts they will be far less confused and more likely to have success with their own dogs. John makes it his mission with every client to cut through all the confusion by not only explaining, but also demonstrating simple concepts of dog training that will make sense. His goal is to send every client on their way to a much improved lifelong relationship with their best friend.