Dog and Puppy Training

Personalized for you and your dog

Rover Rehab in-home dog training is the answer when:

  • You have a full-time job and no free-time to take your dog to classes
  • Your dog isn’t ready to learn in a group environment
  • You’ve tried classes and they haven’t worked for you
  • Your dog has specific behavior issues that can’t be addressed in classes

Dog Training — 2 ways!

Our clients appreciate the ability to choose the training method that works best for them. We can do the training for you or with you — using the most effective, scientifically proven and positive training methods to start your puppy or dog on the path to perfect manners and sociability.

Jump-start training

When you don’t have the time or inclination to train your dog yourself, our Jump Start training program may just be the right solution for you.

A certified professional dog trainer will come to your house when it’s most convenient for you, even while you’re at work. Our trainer will teach your dog the behavior(s) of your choice. Typically, Jump Start dog and puppy training plans involve a series of one-hour sessions per week with the trainer and dog only, followed by one session per week with you and your trainer to insure a successful transfer and maintenance of new behavior(s).

Private In-home dog training

If you’re a do-it-yourself person and always wanted to learn how professionals train their dogs, our private training program coaches you how to train your dog in the privacy and convenience of your home. We use our unique “explain it, demonstrate it, coach it” method that gives you the hands-on support you need to get your dog trained.

You’ll learn how dogs learn, so that once the lessons are over, you’ll be able to train your dog to do anything without our help.

It starts with a consultation

Every Rover Rehab dog training program begins with an in-home training consultation. I meet with you and your dog to observe her behavior, as well as the way your family interacts with her. I’ll listen to your concerns and goals to determine what your dog needs to learn. Your dog’s training program will be individualized to suit your needs and her personality. I’ll then work with you to prioritize lessons, discuss costs and determine the number of weekly sessions required for your dog to master the behaviors you want to see.

What dog training costs

Training prices are determined by the number of sessions required to accomplish set goals and will be determined after the initial consultation. Cost for the consult is $75. Some problem behaviors can be resolved in just a few short sessions.

Credit cards accepted. Discounts and payment plans are available.

Contact us to discuss the right dog training program for you and your dog.