Dog Behavioral Training

Fix problems before they get worse

If you’re having behavior problems with your dog, they probably won’t go away by trying to ignore them. The fastest solution is to seek the support of a professional dog trainer and behavior consultant. While many dog behavior problems are common, your own dog is unique, influenced by her specific temperament and environment. When you try to fix symptoms on your own, based on something you’ve read or been told by a well-meaning friend, you risk increasing the problem or creating a new one. You need the help of a dog training expert who understands canine behavior and will address the factors influencing it — not simply the symptoms.


In-home consultations at your convenience

As a consultant, my years of experience, intuition and knowledge of animal behavior science help me tackle even the most challenging issues. Each private consultation is designed to address your dog’s behavior problem. I spend the time evaluating the dog’s temperament, determining the source of the problem and providing a personalized, science-backed behavior modification plan to modify or eliminate it completely.

A consultation is the first step in the dog training process. We will provide you with the information on what needs to be done to change your dog’s behavior. It allows your dog trainer to get to the bottom of things — and provide you with an accurate diagnosis. It also provides you with the needed information to make an informed decision whether you can see yourself working with us and would like to hire us.

A consultation with you and your dog allows the trainer to explain to you in the simplest terms how a problem behavior may have developed, how it’s being maintained and what needs to be done to fix it. A consultation will give you a better understanding of what is motivating any particular behavior and how it may have developed, or why it exists. From the information gathered during the consultation, we’ll discuss dog training options that best suit your needs and lifestyle. You will also be given tips and advice on how to manage behavior, get temporary relief, and keep everyone safe until training can begin.

Don’t put it off anymore. Get started today, so you can be worry-free from a problem dog and on your way to a well-behaved one. Contact us for a dog training consultation today.