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  • Your dog’s success is our success, so we treat her like she was our own.

  • We make your life easier and your relationship with your dog better.

  • Our humane training techniques teach your dog without breaking her spirit.

  • We use the best methods for your dog’s personality for quick and long-lasting results

  • We’ve trained dogs for over 15 years and handled dogs of every age, size and temperament, from toy-sized to huge and sociable to aggressive.

  • We’re Certified Professional Dog Trainers and keep current on the latest in animal behavior science through ongoing education.

  • We’re personal, professional and love dogs.

To discuss the right training program for your dog, contact us to make an appointment today.

It starts with a consultation

It starts with a consultation

Training begins with an initial consultation to allow us get to the bottom of what is happening. Cost for the consult is $75 and this is how it works. We first come in to assess the situation by listening to your concerns and observing your dog. From there, we put a plan together, share our findings and options for training and then determine how many sessions will be required to accomplish set goals. We then come in and do the training for you. We visit your dog several times per week. You can be present during the training or you can be at work or doing the things you need to be doing. You and a trainer will work once a week to transfer the training, so you can get the full benefit of it.

What training costs

Training prices are determined by the number of sessions required to accomplish set goals and will be determined after the initial consultation. Most problem behaviors can be resolved in just a few short weeks. Hiring the trainers at Rover Rehab means you won’t have to carve out time in your busy schedule to train your own dog. It means you won’t have to learn how to become a junior dog trainer because the training will be done for you. Have confidence knowing that your beloved dog is being trained by a skilled professional who’s dedicated to accomplishing your goals once and for all. Start enjoying the benefits of a well-trained dog and finally have that dog you’ve always wanted.


Training Two Ways

Our clients appreciate the ability to choose the dog training program that works best for them. We can do the training for you or with you using the most effective, scientifically proven and positive training methods to start your puppy or dog on the path to perfect manners and sociability.

Jump Start Training

Private In-Home Dog Training

If you’re a do-it-yourself person and always wanted to learn how professionals train their dogs, our private training coaches you how to train your dog in the privacy and convenience of your home. We use our unique “explain it, demonstrate it, coach it” methods that give you the hands-on support you need to get your dog trained. You’ll learn how dogs learn so that once the lessons are over, you’ll be able to train your dog to do anything without our help.

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What our clients say

Rover Rehab doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to dog training. They take the time to listen and observe before providing solutions to the issues. John’s knowledge, experience and genuine caring have helped tremendously.

Katie Dobberpuhl

Katie Dobberpuhl

Owner of Boz

Jack just wanted to send you something to say thank you for the training this summer. Jack continues to work on his manners and citizenship! The neighbors, the UPS man and his people all appreciate his progress!

The Williams

Owner of Jack

Daizee is a new dog at the park. She keeps an eye on me and comes tearing back when I flash my hand out. People who knew us last year have noticed her breakneck speed and asked how she learned to do that. I tell them we both learned how to do this from our trainer, John Lawrence, who worked with me as much as Daizee. Whoa, I almost forgot to mention that we can walk from the car to school with a loose lead! We have learned to have confidence in one another. John, you know this would not be possible without your wonderful coaching. Daizee sends her undying love and we both send our best wishes and hope that you realize what a difference you have made in the lives of many.

Mary-Baban Ramsdell

Owner of Daizee

John Lawrence is an amazing trainer! I appreciate what he did for my dog, Renny, so much. She was a bit out of control and he got her in line very quickly. He listened to what I wanted to accomplish with the training sessions, developed a plan, and then set to work instilling new behaviors in her. He then transferred the training techniques to me so that I could continue to work with her. I found John to be professional, compassionate, and effective. He clearly loves his job and his students very much. Renny was extremely sad to see him go. She loved every second of her time with him! Thank you, John! I couldn’t
be happier.

Jill Steinborn

Jill Steinborn

Owner of Renny

Through referrals, training, and discussion, John helped me understand that Bear was a fearful type dog, NOT an aggressive or necessarily mean or even protective dog. He was protecting himself from humans he did not know. John had seen him as a very young puppy and noticed he was, ‘the shy one.’ From here, he developed a series of training sessions with Bear to set up situations where humans did not pose a threat. It took many sessions, patience and knowledge of behavioral training with NO punishment to get Bear where he is today. Recently I moved from a 15-acre farm to a city neighborhood. Thanks to John Lawrence, Bear has been able to adjust and adapt to a privacy fenced in back yard and leash walks. John has people skills as well as outstanding training ability. His timing, honesty and sincere desire to help people with their dogs show in everything he does, from obedience classes, individual training sessions, and dog day care management. I would highly recommend him to any dog owner, especially those who think they have tried everything but nothing works. John is a true professional who can and will help.

Jill Gant

Jill Gant

Owner of Bear

Rover Rehab Dog Training has been awesome for us and our dog.  Dogs love him and relate to him very well.  John’s methods of training are superb.  He has a fine sense of understanding dogs.  John trained us with our dog when our dog was a puppy advancing to obedience as he got older.  We absolutely recommend John and Rover Rehab for training.  It is the best training you and your dog can get anywhere.

Bonnie and Jim, very satisfied clients with happy dog

Bonnie and Jim, very satisfied clients with happy dog

Owner of Obi

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Rover Rehab has been helping dog lovers for over 15 years transform their puppies and dogs into confident and well-mannered pets the whole family can love. Let us relieve your dog problems and give you the peace of mind that comes from having a dog trained by a seasoned professional.
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I understand that dog training is not easy and that you may not be interested in learning how to train your own dog. In truth, how can you be expected to master training skills in a few weeks that I've been perfecting for 20 years? By hiring a certified professional dog trainer to do it for you, you’ll enjoy quick results and be able to free up your time for other priorities. Hiring me to train your dog is the equivalent of pressing the easy button.
John Lawrence